Garden Shed Roof Styles


Choosing Your Style Of Roof

When developing a garden shed in your yard, you should think about the main function that it will serve. Knowing its purpose will have many things to do with the roof style you choose. Not all garden shed styles are ideal for just any use.

The design of garden shed roof you want for your garden might be subjective. On the other hand, there are also sensible considerations you have to be aware of…

Apex Sheds

apex garden shedApex sheds have gained a desirable reputation for the garden shed roof. With this style, your garden roof is in 2 wooden parts that joint at the peak point to make a reversed V shape. Compared to other styling of the roof, the utmost height of Apex runs mainly from the facade to the rear. The eaves height is made to allow for much storage at the corners while letting for utmost standing height in the middle for you to work with ease.

Pent Sheds

With pent sheds, your garden roof is made utilizing one piece of wood which slopes from the facade of the structure to the rear about 15 degree slant. The angle is optimal to give enough height for your front door to make sure rain overflows the rear of the garden shed.

pent shedPent sheds are perfect for the garden which is situated opposed to a wall or fence or tucked under hanging branches. As noticeably as the covering angles from the facade to back, the utmost height is on the facade of the shed, which is valuable to keep in mind when planning the design of the shelving and the internal workspace.

Roof framing or commonly known as roof bracing is playing a significant role in a firm garden shed construction, however not a purchasing consideration most of the time. The significance of roof framing becomes more obvious because the shed get bigger in size. A high quality roof framing can mean the disparity between long lasting, sturdy shed and one which is doubtful to survive the different elements.

Checking the thickness of the bracing and whether it comes with trusses is a very important factor you need to keep in mind when buying a bigger shed. Trusses are an additional support in the middle of the covering which adds more stability and strength to your garden roof.

On larger, best sheds, planed bracing is frequently utilized for the framing. This kind of framing is top grade and is normally thicker, most of the time measure 45 by 45 millimeters compared to the rough sawn framing utilized on lower priced sheds. There are lots of benefits of using this kind of bracing like it provides a smoother finish that saves one from splinters and it is easy to build. This is also waterproof and provides a firmer garden building. Today, almost all heavy duty sheds available come with this kind of bracing and the bigger one have 45 by 45 mm bracing with a roof truss in the middle for additional stability and strength.

There are lots of garden rood shed styles to choose from, it is all up to you to decide which one is suitable for your needs and budget.  Check out our huge range of both apex and pent roof style sheds

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