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Mobility Scooter Storage

When thinking of purchasing a mobility scooter, there are many considerations to take in account. In this article we will discuss the various options for storing and securing your new mobility scooter.

The increased sales and use of mobility scooter has grown massively over recent years and as such so has the accessoires market. There are now a multitude of storage options available:

  • Mobility Scooter Shed made from wood or metal
  • Basic Plastic/Vinyl cover
  • Fold Away covers

All of the above are available at varying prices, according to the materials used and the quality of the item.

Mobility Scooter Shed

The most secure of the storage solutions is of course a wooden or metal shed.  Both types of mobility scooter sheds have their pro’s and con’s:

Metal sheds will be mobility scooter shedmore robust, last longer and maybe most importantly will be the most secure storage option. However, they will also be more expensive by quite an amount. They will rust, which whilst it may not affect the overall storage capalbilites of the mobility scooter shed, it will look a mess and need a lot of maintenance. Unfortunately the metal sheds do have an industrial feel and look about them, which may or may not suit you.

The timber storage sheds are a lot more affordable, however they may need to be replaced a little sooner than a metal shed. That is not to say, however that with a little yearly maintenance, a good quality one will not last for years. Timber by it’s nature will never be as secure as metal, but with a quality lock, a timber shed is not far behind. Looks wise, wooden sheds are far more attractive, and they can be stained or painted to almost any colour to suit your needs.

Plastic/Vinyl Mobility Scooter Cover

In security terms, you may as well leave the keys in the ignition! Whilst cheap, these covers offer no real security, apart from hiding what is underneath. We would only recommend using these plastic covers when storing the mobility scooter in a secure location i.e rear garden or loacked yard.scooter vinyl cover

It is a good idea to carry one of these covers with the scooter, just in case you have to leave it out in the rain for a period of time. Perhaps when visiting family or friends and there is no under cover space to park the scooter.

Fold Away Scooters Covers

This type storage solution is a compromise between the mobility scooter sheds and the vinyl covers. Although they are fixed to a wall or floor and are lockable, they are still for all intents and purposes a plastic cover. Which any theft with a stanley knife can break into.

The fold foldaway coveraway covers are a quick and tidy solution. When not in use the cover is tied back against the wall and therefore does not take up much space.  The cost of these type of products is about midway between the cheap vinyl covers and the mobility scooter sheds.

Other Things To Consider

There are a few other factors to think about…

  • The space or area that the mobility scooter will be stored.
  • Is the need for a mobility scooter permanent or temporary?
  • The size of the scooter.

All of the above options have their merits. If your budget allows, it may be best to house your mobility scooter in one of the metal or timber sheds and then carry a cheap vinyl cover with the scooter in case of emergencies.

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