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Can I Insulate My Garden Shed?

At Sheds and Things, we often get asked whether our garden sheds can be insulated. Lots of our customers like to potter around in their sheds during the colder months, children still want to use their play houses and pets want somewhere warm and cosy to hide away. We want you to get the most out of your shed, and that means being able to use it all year round. So what can you do to make your shed more snug this winter?

Choose a Tongue and Groove Model

We offer many tongue and groove models to give you a head start. Quality is our priority, and tongue and groove is the best external cladding for keeping out the worst of the UK wind, rain and snow. Just type ‘tongue and groove’ into our search function to see what’s on offer.

Insulation Options

For those who are short on time or money, rolls of polythene or bubble-wrap can be tacked onto the framing inside your shed. This is inexpensive, quick to do and you’ll notice an instant temperature difference.  

A more costly solution involves using either mineral or glass fibre wool. Lay the wool in rolls against the inside of the shed walls before tacking sheets of MDF or plywood to the framing. A similar method can be used for insulating the roof.


Floors, windows and doors

The easiest and cheapest insulation method for floors is to lay an old roll of carpet, preferably over a water-resistant membrane. A draughty door frame can be fixed by tacking some rubber strips (3-4cm wide) to the inside. Gaps around the window frame can be sealed using any tube of ‘liquid’ wool or hardening-foam filler, and secondary-glazing film will help single glazed windows to retain heat.

There’s really no reason to put off searching for the perfect shed until summer. Browse our extensive selection today and find the perfect winter hide-away.