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Can I Run A Business From My Shed?

For some, garden sheds are much more than a place to store gardening equipment. They’re a place to escape from the stresses of everyday life and perhaps indulge a hobby or pastime. They’re also an entrepreneurial hotbed. It is estimated that garden-based businesses contributed £6.1bn to UK GDP in 2012, with more than 80,000 workers now based in garden sheds and outbuildings. Their average turnover was £76,449. If you want to number among them browse our extensive range today and pick out your new office.    

A Home Away From Home

Shed-based businesses aren’t a new thing, but the technological revolution and an increase in people wanting to run their own business from home has seen a return to pre-industrial revolution cottage industry working culture. A diverse range of professionals are now running businesses from their sheds, from jewellery designers to boutique bed and breakfasts.
Shed working enables a clearer line of demarcation between where you live and where you work which is psychologically preferable to working at home. It’s a great way to prevent those you live with from invading your work space, and means that your spare room can remain just that. A garden office can add value to your property and is far cheaper than buying a house with an extra room. See yours as a place to shut the world out and come up with ideas.     

21st Century Living

Shed-based businesses might date back to pre-industrial revolution, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do without mod-cons. Sheds can be insulated and boarded throughout and power can be connected to the building allowing you to wire up sockets and lights and operate a heater, fan, kettle and toaster. Wi-Fi can be picked up from your house and you can use your mobile to avoid having a landline fitted.
To find your new office, browse our extensive range of sheds, cabins and summer houses today.