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What Style of Roof Do I Need on my Garden Shed?

The roof of your garden shed is a crucial part of your new building, so it’s important that you choose the right one for you.

Pent Sheds

Pent roofs are a simple but popular option, their single slope suited to buildings that sit against a wall or fence. The roof is formed using a sheet of wood that slopes from the front of the building to the back. The slope is optimal to provide sufficient height from the door at the front and to ensure rain, snowmelt and other materials run off at the back. The roof design creates a great deal of usable space under the roof, as there are no awkward corners or low points. If you’re looking for a simple but functional design with optimum space, browse our range of pent sheds today.

Apex Sheds

This attractive option is extremely popular. The roof is in two wooden sections which meet at the highest point to create an upturned ‘V’ shape. Unlike a pent roof, the maximum height of an apex roof runs centrally from the front to the back. The height of the eaves is designed to provide generous storage at the sides whilst allowing for optimum standing height in the centre so that you can work comfortably. The pitch or angle of the roof is at least 15 up to about 30 degrees, allowing water to flow easily off the roof and away. If you want pleasing symmetry and a striking design, we offer a wide selection of apex sheds for you to choose from - there’s sure to be something to catch your eye!